The Joke Gone Wrong


My emotions are running high today. Something terrible has happened and has caused a ripple effect throughout the family.

My father and mother have been together for 24 years now and got married nearly 3 years ago. My parents’ love for each other is so strong; that is until now. My father has been on facebook a while now so he knows how to so basic things. I logged onto my account and was scrolling through my news feed as normal and i came across a post made by my father. It was to another woman saying she was on his mind constantly. Instant question sprang to my brain; why is my father writing this on another woman’s wall?

I informed my mother of what i saw and told her i felt uncomfortable about it. When she approached my father about he, he said he was supposed to send in to her inbox “as a joke” but made an error. He brushed it off as nothing but it has had a massive effect on me and my mother.
Not only has he jeopardised his marriage he has also jeopardised the relationship he has with me and my 2 younger siblings.
I am so emotional at this moment in time. Seeing something like this from my father has shocked me to the core. And my poor mother is so hurt and feels humiliated.
What would you do in this situation as a child of 2 loving parents going through this? I am in need of advice and support!

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